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Who We Are

The Atlanta Freethought Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization that exists to provide a community for non-theists in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area through educational, advocacy, and social activities.

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Our Mission

o  Enrich and empower our membership through education and activism

o  Educate the public about non-theists and church-state separation

o  Defend and promote the separation of church and state

o  Provide a social and intellectual community for freethinkers 

Learn more about us including our goals, history, and leadership structure.



Last year's Debt Reduction Drive raised $16,075.50, which with the match from our anonymous donor means the society's debt was reduced by $32,075--a 26% reduction in the amount we owe on the Atlanta Freethought Hall. This means our interest payments have been reduced by over $120 a month.

Although the anonymous donor match offer has expired, there are still plenty of opportunities to contribute to AFS. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible for those who itemize deductions. We still have over $90,000 in debt; donors may contribute to AFS generally, or they may still request that their donations be earmarked to reducing the debt. Continuing to reduce that debt will reduce our interest payments, freeing up money for publishing and activism.

See our Financials page for copies of the Society's financial reports (which are also available at Atlanta Freethought Hall).



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AFS has an eNews announcement email list for those who would like to stay informed about activities and news relating to AFS in addition to several email discussion groups. You can subscribe to our eNews list through our Contact Us Form or for more info on our general email lists,  click here.


Activities Calendar

Please use the calendar below to find upcoming activities. Click on a highlighted date for more information.

Atlanta Freethought Hall is located at 4775 N. Church Lane SE, in Smyrna, GA. To get there, take I-285 (the perimeter road around Atlanta) to Exit 16 (Atlanta Road). Turn toward Atlanta. Go ?mile and then turn right onto N. Church Lane. Atlanta Freethought Hall is on the left.

See the Activities page for information on past events and other meetings of interest in the Atlanta area.


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Separation of Church & State

Not only does the US Constitution mandate the separation of church and state, but it is even more clearly in the State of Georgia Constitution.

Paragraph VII.  Separation of church and state

No money shall ever be taken from the public treasury, directly or indirectly, in aid of any church, sect, cult, or religious denomination or of any sectarian institution. 

--State of Georgia Constitution
Article 1. Bill of Rights, Section II




All issues back through January 2002 of our excellent newsletter, the Atlanta Freethought News, are now available in PDF form. Catch up on any issues you missed or browse through the archives to see what we've been up to for the last ten years.


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